About Us


Dr Ashok Kundapur, Ph.D., Scientist, Inventor and Managing Director of Kapali Shakti. A proactive Environmentalist and it is his concern for deteriorating environment which diverted his attention to use of Alternate energy. He specialized on Solar Cookers, and is acclaimed as International Solar Cooker Expert and his site - http://www.solcooker.net has been adopted by Solar Cooker International as well as UNESCO. It was his interest in designing a Solar Vehicle which led him to Wave energy harnessing. He, like many of his friends, feels that fossil fuel era will end and Electric power soon will have to take over its role. But how to generate electric power on a continuous basis ? This question resulted in studying Wave energy to generate large amount of Grid interactive power on a continuous basis.

To promote the idea Dr Kundapur launched Kapali Paryaya Shakti, and has taken charge as Managing Director of the Company.


Smt Prameela Kundapur, is an excellent negotiator and a natural Human Relations expert. A very good organizer of events. She is an artist of exceptional caliber.


Smt Prameela is the Director of the Company.


Many stalwarts and Experts in the field of Financing, Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering, will be joining us soon to form a formidable team to lead Kapali Shakti as World Leader in harnessing Alternate Source of Energy - the only source of energy of the future